About Mystic Guitars

We are a small businss making big noise!
Mystic Guitars/Custom Classic Guitars was founded in early 2012 by owners Steve and Gayle Lamke in Red Wing, MN. The couple saw a need in the guitar market for a fusion of quality and affordability. The aim was, and still is, to make and sell guitars that sound and play as good or better than the pricey competitors...at an accessible price. We proudly sell our Mystic brand of electric guitars in Standard, Custom, and DeLuxe, versions in a price range between $200-$500!

At Mystic Guitars, we value our clients by offering a prime product, reasonable pricing, and impeccable service.

We only sell parts and instruments that we ourselves would use. We merit quick shipping and follow up, and offer a lifetime warranty on our Mystic brand guitars. We build a relationship of trust with our customers.

In addition to our Mystic guitars, we are the primary US supplier of Entwistle Pickups. Alan Entwistle has over 40 years of research and experience hand-making custom pickups, and is a personal friend of Mystic Guitars. We trust the person and the product and believe you will too.

Our experienced guitar technician and repair-person, Dan, is a graduate of Luthier School at Minnesota State College. All of our guitars are configured to be playable out of the box--no extra trips to your local music shop for setup!

We support our local music economy by offering discounts, donations, and support to students and educators from Universal Music Center and the Luthier School at Minnesota State College.

At Mystic Guitars/Custom Classic Guitars, we hope that the music created with our instruments and parts will be as timeless as your favorite rock band!

Give us a play. We guarantee our products and our service, and you won’t be disappointed.