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The AT52B is a traditional vintage Alnico single coil pickup with the twang and bite of a vintage Tele. Traditional materials are used with Alnico V pole pieces, fiber board bobbin, and enamel coated winding wire which is scatterwound direct to the core. An important element of the classic Tele bridge tone, and which is incorporated into the AT52B, is the 1.5 mm brass sole plate. The lead out wires are vintage cloth covered. This attention to materials and construction detail ensures authentic vintage tone. Use with the AT52N (neck with nickel cover) to make up a matched pair of pickups for Tele style guitars. DCR: Bridge 6.3 K Ohms.  Black.  Includes screws, springs and wiring diagram.   Free USA  Shipping.  
About the Designer

UK guitar designer and pickup guru Alan Entwistle has over 30 years of research and experience of hand making custom pickups. His CV includes heading up Hohner’s UK based Custom Shop where he designed models including the JT60, Blonde, Black Widow and Revelation. More recently he has designed guitars for Alden and Tanglewood and his electronic circuit wizardry is being incorporated into selected Burns models.